Low Tea

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Low Tea

The Luggage Room

Tucked away in the corner of Grosvenor Square, the Luggage Room draws on the spirit of the Roaring Twenties. It’s an intimate London cocktail bar, effortlessly oozing style and decadence. Amid the fine liquor displays, handmade wine cabinets and period curiosities, you can watch while all nature of libations are carefully created around you.

In the 1920s, the infamous ‘Bentley Boys’ would turn heads in glamorous Mayfair. Bars would buzz to the sound of jazz and the in-crowd would sip Highballs and Martinis in their own inimitable style.

Crafted to charm and delight, our Mayfair bar has a nod towards the nostalgia for the past with its feet firmly in the present.

Low Tea

The Duchess of Bedford first began the habit of taking tea and biscuits on a low side table to help stave off her hunger in the late afternoon before dressing for a late supper. Eventually, her personal ritual evolved into the widely-practiced ‘Low Tea’. Wealthy commoners continued the practice, when serving lady friends for tea, bringing out their best china and serving in their sitting parlours on low tea tables. Low Tea was served from 1-4 o’clock.

Over the years, Low Tea developed and became known under different names such as Cream Tea and Afternoon Tea but compared to its modern incarnation Low tea was a socially comfortable experience. Utilising the comfort associated with being at home, relaxing on low seating and the indulgence of a decadent mid-day feast.

Due to the timing of Low Tea it was commonly used as a replacement meal for lunch and to stave off the craving for dinner, so expect not to be hungry after visiting the Luggage Room!

The Luggage Room will serve creations that nod to both the English tradition of Low Tea and the bar’s American speakeasy heritage. Highlights include horseradish and crème fraîche vol au vents, Devonshire wild boar sausage rolls, devilled Balmoral venison and Clarence Court Scotch egg.

To cleanse the palate between courses, indulge in a Rum Syllabub brewed from the Luggage Room’s limited edition rum, Plantation. Finish with an array of delectable sweet treats including the salted caramel meringue and the signature Jam Jar Scone Trifle.

Our talented bar team have created bespoke mixed drinks menu exclusively for Low Tea. Taking influence from the traditional drinking annuals of England, such as Oxford Night Caps 1827, they have strived to reproduce lost drinks from the birth of The Low Tea era – in partnership with Camellia’s Tea Company designing bespoke loose leaf tea selections for your Luggage Room experience.

Gift vouchers now available please contact the luggage room team on info@luggageroom.co.uk